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A Sweet Indica Dominant Strain

Often also known as Banana Candy Kush, Banana Candy is famous for its earthy yet distinctively sweet and fruity aroma. Whilst it is an indica, its precise ratio of indica to sativa is as yet not known.

This is a strain perfectly suited for use at night, owing to its euphoric yet strong sleep-inducing sensation. The buds have a bright green appearance, and it has a taste which embodies what its name suggests – both elements of banana and candy.

The high from Banana Candy is largely felt in the body, though sensations of arousal are also reported by many of its users. It’s an excellent strain for dealing with issues like overcoming insomnia, acute or chronic stress, anxiety, as well as alleviating the physical effects of stress on the body as well. As such, it is a highly effective treatment option for people suffering with PMS, menstrual headaches and cramps, as well chronic pain of all varieties. The feeling of cottonmouth is one of the more often stated side effect, though feeling dizzy, having paranoid sensations and bloodshot eyes are also often cited.

The exact levels of THC in Banana Candy are not precisely known, though a number of tests put them as high up as 24%. Its levels of CBD seem to be markedly lower, though it still sits at a greater than average level of around 1.3%. Banana Candy, like many pure indicas, is relatively difficult to come by. It is most easily available in the Los Angeles and West Coast regions, but at the present time is more difficult to source from anywhere else.

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