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Banana Cream Cake – A Blend of Cheese Cake and Banana Kush

As an indica dominant hybrid strain, Banana Cream Cake is a delicious blend of the potent Cheese Cake and Banana Kush strains, sitting at a 70% indica to 30% sativa ratio. Taking its name from the delectable taste that it gives, it provides pure heaven in every toke for those indica-loving users who desire pure sweetness with every draw.

In line with its name, Banana Cream Cake provides a highly creamy and sweet flavour of pure bananas, with a perfect sugary sensation on every exhalation. Whilst the aroma it gives is also very similar, it does have the addition of a touch of earthy, spiciness to it too, which becomes especially noticeable as the nugs burn themselves away.

The high that it elicits is almost immediate from the first toke and exhalation, and it quickly wends its way to the brain with turbo-charged speed, energy and creativity. Very soon, this brings about strong feelings of headiness, creating a veil of happy and unfocused joy. Users often report feelings of slipping in and out of fits of the giggles, laughing mindlessly at nothing and everything, whilst also encountering a slight stoned high in the body, guaranteeing that one is totally physical relaxed.

In combination with its high THC levels of 21% to 22%, and its CBD levels of just 0 to 1%, these qualities all make this strain a fabulous choice for anyone afflicted with chronic conditions manifesting in fatigue, pain, stress, depression, nausea, anxiety and many more.

It has dense and oval-shaped bright-ish green nugs, together with sparsely growing and thin hairs that are orange in hue, and it has a coating of miniscule, amber-coloured white crystalline trichomes.

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