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A Balanced Hybrid Cannabis Strain

As an evenly balanced hybrid strain at 50% indica to 50% sativa, Banana Daddy came into being by crossing the well-loved Banana Hammock and Granddaddy Purple strains.

Best known for the ultra-giddy sensation it provides, alongside its distinctive banana flavour, this is a strain that has its users immediately flying high on exhalation. As its name denotes, Banana Daddy exudes a sweet banana flavour with berry notes, as well as a smattering of spicy bubble-gum and diesel. Its aroma creates a headier effect, with its distinctive sweet fruity berry and diesel notes bathed in gentle spicy undertones.

The aforementioned high that this strain delivers comes on practically as soon as it is exhaled, knocking the user directly in between the eyes and banishing any kind of intrusive, negative or racing feelings. The result is a feeling of being lifted, of being in a happy and giggling state. On the one hand users will not be able to concentrate on too much, but on the other, they will still be able to maintain coherent conversations with people without too much effort.

Alongside it very high THC level of 25% to 30%, it has a high CBD level of 1% to 3%, which means that many considered it to be an excellent option for those looking to treat conditions such as chronic physical pain, chronic stress, loss of appetite, feelings of nausea, insomnia and chronic fatigue. It boasts larger than life spade-shaped, chunky purple-hued nugs with rich purple tones and matching leaves.

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