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An Energising Indica-dominant Hybrid

As the name suggests, Banana Diesel has a combination of both sweet and slightly zingy banana and citrus notes, as well as a distinct aroma of diesel inherited from its Super Sour Diesel origins. All of this is wrapped in a somewhat chemically, tangy flavour with a slightly nutty edge.

As a hybrid strain that is indica-dominant, it has an indica/sativa ratio of 70% to 30%. With a Super Sour Diesel and Banana Kush lineage, together with high THC levels sitting at no less than 20%, plus above average CBD levels at just over 1%, Banana Diesel may not be the ideal strain for conditions that respond to CBD, but it may still be of some use, regardless.

It brings an energised, creative and intense head high, and with it an uplift in mood and a full-on dose of euphoric feelings. These make Banana Diesel a very good choice for use during the day, as sleepiness and lethargy are not strong side effects. As such, it can also be an excellent choice to treat conditions such as depression, insomnia, irritability, mood disorders, wasting, nausea, anxiety, eating disorders and chronic pain.

Some occasionally noted side-effects include dry mouth and blood-shot eyes, with less common ones including feelings of dizziness or disorientation, headaches, and feelings of paranoia.

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