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A Potent Indica from Cali Kush

Banana Kush is an indica dominant cannabis strain that smells and tastes like you’d expect, a mixture of bananas and Kush.

It provides a strong indica body high that begins with laziness and eventually reaches complete sedation. It is therefore a strain best used in the evenings and in fact, it is often prescribed to help with insomnia as most people will find it very difficult to stay awake after having a few hits an hour or two before bed. It has also been prescribed to those who suffer from chronic aches and pains and to relief stress. It may also help with migraines, glaucoma, nausea, eating disorders and muscle spasms.

However, there are some sativa cerebral effects, such as mood elevation and a feeling of euphoria. It will also produce standard side effects such as dry mouth and eyes, and possible dizziness or headaches.

Banana Kush is bred by Cali Kush. It was created by crossing the well-known OG Kush mother and a Banana father. The result is a strain that is around 60% to 70% indica and has THC levels of around 18% to 20%. Unfortunately, it is considered a difficult strain to grow as it requires a great deal of attention, so it is not recommended for beginner growers. However, those with experience can grow it both indoors and outdoors. It will produce a small to medium yield and it takes about 8 or 9 weeks to flower. Outside the strain can reach incredible heights, but it will actually mature better when grown inside in a controlled environment.

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