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An Indica from Swamp Boy Seeds

Banana Puddintain is an indica dominant cannabis strain (80% indica, 20% sativa) that was developed by Swamp Boys Seeds. It was created by crossing the potent Banana OG and GMO TK Skunk strains. It has extremely high THC levels of around 27% to 30%.

It is named for its delicious flavour and it is a great choice for all indica fans who enjoy the taste of bananas. As the name suggests, Banana Puddintain has a sweet and creamy banana flavour and there are also hints of berries and skunk upon the exhale. The aroma is very similar, although it leans more towards skunk and spice, while there is a hint of earthy herbs.

The bud itself has small and furry grape-shaped bight green nugs that are covered with thin orange hairs and a coating of small, frosty white crystal trichomes.

The high from Banana Puddintain begins almost as soon as it is exhaled. It begins at the back of the head and neck with some tingling. This soon starts to spread throughout the rest of the body, leaving users extremely physically relaxed and feeling quite stoney. The mind is also lifted into a purely happy state that is unfocused and heady.

Thanks to these effects and the high THC content, Banana Puddintain is a good choice for helping with chronic stress, inflammation, pain, appetite loss, nausea, and depression.

The strain can be grown indoors and out. The plant will reach heights of up to 80cm in both environments and when grown indoors, it has a flowering time of between 54 and 61 days. Generally it will produce a substantial yield.

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