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indica-dominant hybrid

As an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, Banana Sorbet packs a beautiful punch. This bud was created by mixing up a variety of Banana OG X Sorbet strains.

There is an incredible and super sweet flavour from this bud. A rush of sour lemons and fresh berries comes at you in its taste, followed by a slight hint of herbs. It is a taste sensation. There is no wonder it was named Banana Sorbet.

The aroma is not without its wonders. Similar to the taste, but with a sourness that just gets more intense, bolstered by a heavier herbal overtone, keep smoking and the colours of the flavours and tastes start flying.

The expansive euphoria experienced after the Banana Sorbet high will take your hand and fill your body and mind while bringing you on journey full of bliss. Negative or racing thoughts will evaporate and this sense of complete calm will gently brush your skin as you float and drift, sedated from head to toe.

This total tranquillity can ultimately lead to a dozing off or sleep, depending on your particular dosage.

The buds of Banana Sorbet are grape-shaped with a vivid forest-green colour. This green is offset by a myriad of thin orange hairs and a lovely coating of frosty light amber crystal trichomes.

With the wonderfully soothing properties of Banana Sorbet and its high 19%+ average THC level, this bud is often the first port of call in the treatment of depression, insomnia, nausea, chronic pain and loss of appetite.

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