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A Delicious Indica Cannabis Strain

You like a dessert that will get you higher? Then this is what you need.  One banana, a scoop of chocolate ice-cream, a dollop of vanilla ice cream, some chocolate syrup and a cherry on top. This is a boom. This is an awesome thing.

The Crockett Family Farms offer up this, the ultimate Banana Split. It is an indica-dominant strain that is the product of OG Kush and Banana.

This is the most outstanding post-dinner treat. This brings tingles into the head and throughout the body, massaging you down into your couch. The wondrous couch lock is made comfortable by the munchies, so be sure to have your snacks ready. As the high starts to come down you will prefer a bedroom scene so as to enjoy the beauty of a slumber.

Users can totally bank on a solid high as the THC levels vary from 22% to 25%. Nugs are small and dusty green with clear hairs, giving to the world a lovely banana aroma. Revel in all the nutty flavours, accompanied by the banana, as the smoke evaporates.

This particular strain may not be ideal for newcomers due to its potency. This lovely bud is for those who have experience, especially those who have a history of using it for depression, anxiety, bipolar and stress, as it is a mood booster. Also, for those who experience headaches, muscle pain and spasms and tension, this is a wonderful tonic.

The great thing about this strain is that is very easy to plant and grow! It has a flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks and produces an above average yield. This plant flourishes, whether you are on a farm or living in an apartment, and will normally grow to an average height.

Banana Split is a powerful, but extremely tasty bud, which leaves users with a sense of calm and euphoria. It is best enjoyed in a chocolate blunt wrap for the ultimate in its intoxicating flavours.

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