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A Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Christened Banana trail mix simply because of its amazing smell and truly delicious flavours, this bud ticks many boxes from the get-go. This beauty has a euphoric quality to it that is great accompaniment if you want to get up and go on a hike or simply hang out at home.

To look at, Banana Trail Mix buds are fat grape-shaped and coloured in a forest green with bright neon-green undertones. They have very thick orange hairs and a frosty thick coating of tiny golden crystal trichomes.

With slight hints of nuttiness to it, Banana Trail Mix has a super sweet taste and a delicious fruity, banana flavour. The aromas reflect this, with a wallop of ripened banana stirred together with a newly opened bag of trail mix. These combinations will have your nose tingling and your mouth salivating.

Now, for the good part. The Banana Trail Mix high is as good as its tastes, flavours and aromas. Yes indeed, the high from this bud is absolutely delicious and divine. You will be ascended in a cloud of pure euphoria, with these lifting effects having you convinced that you take on the world. There is an electrification of both mind and body, making you giddy and stimulating the senses, getting you up and feeling exhilarated. To put it simply, your mind will soar and your spirit will be uplifted.

In combination with its high 21%-22% average THC levels, these effects make Banana Trail Mix a wonderful option for the treatment of many an ailment. These include chronic stress, depression, anxiety, Bi-Polar disorder and seizures.

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