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A Tasty Indica Dominant Hybrid

Bananas is an indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) that has a flavour remarkably just like a lovely freshly-peeled banana. If you have very little to do of a day, Bananas is a bud you could binge on anytime throughout said day. To give it that extra something, each exhale is coloured by a nice tropical spice.

There is a skunky and ever so slight, spicy aroma from this bud, accompanied by exquisite tropical overtones. Not only that, but these overtones are given voice by fresh fruits and earth.

If you look at these nugs, you will notice that they have a yellow-green tinge with very bright amber hairs with a coating of golden crystal trichomes.

If your intention is to be potentially couch-locked, then Bananas could just be the bud for you. It is a creeper that gently washes over you and then inviting you under, at which stage you are guaranteed to be wholly relaxed and sedated for some blissful few hours.

It must be noted that after the initial onset of euphoria, partnered with a giddiness and spaciness, a body high rolls up next, sending you off to a calm and sleepy place.

For the treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, stress or inflammation, Bananas incredibly powerful 23%-27% average THC level will work wonders.

Bananas is a truly awesome long-lasting body and head stone. It will increase your appetite and your mood will be lifted, and all stresses and pains will be eased.

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