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A Sativa Strain to Ease Your Pain

This here now is a wonderful thing. When one thinks of a bandana, gangs and gang-culture spring to mind. This is not the fault of the thoughtful, this is just a reality of today. To blow the smoke off these pre-conceived beliefs comes an answer to all the stupid questions. Bandana.

This is a sensational hybrid strain that marries Banana OG and 707 Headband. The parents of this child have done well. Between them, they have combined the sweet banana aroma and the bubbling buzz brain trip from which Headband derived its reputation. The result is a strain with THC levels of 15%.

There is a stimulating high that incorporates a rush of joy, slowly followed a relaxation of every muscle. When you exhale this beauty, there is a fruit-filled wonderland to experience, decorated by earthy and sour balloons. It is a kind of release and tranquility.

Wonderfully powerful, with a heady euphoria not far behind, it stirs and makes conscious a relaxation, peppered with blissful moments of immense calm. Your body will feel as if floating, with gentle waves giving a tender massage.

The buds of this strain are large and pear-shaped. The sienna hairs and white trichomes sprout out from minty green nubs.  This gorgeous flower is a beautiful tonic for those consigned to pain management as the pain-relieving powers of this bud are mesmeric in their effectiveness. Occasionally used in dealing with mild depression and anxiety, caution is advised for those who fall victim to paranoia as Bandana can become overwhelming if used in excess.

Bandana is a strong recommendation for out-door growing with a flowering time of 10-12 weeks, with a late October harvest.

Turn this bud into butter and enjoy your pancakes, or whatever you cook with butter. There is a guaranteed smiley breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bandana is what the body and soul needs, when one wants to chill and listen to the breeze whisper through the trees.

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