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A Potent Indica-Infused Delight

Holy wonderful smoke, Batman!! This bud may well make you refurbish the Batcave. Robin will have to sit this one out, such is the strength of this strain. This is a high that will send one flying, and with flavours that can only be described as properly outrageous!

The THC levels average around 24% which certainly contribute to the immediacy of the high. As if in the comic-book, the colours of these buds are drowned in a technicolour blast. There are crazy bright green colours with purple undertones. These are complimented by the orange and yellow hairs, giving it a 60’s Batman visual punch.

The aromas from this bud are properly pungent, with a skunky and earthy air coupled with a hint of lime.

There comes a real KAPOW! of a high from this strain, as one is sent up to the skies. The body is hit hard, but the mind is elevated. You will be left feeling quite hazy but you won’t find yourself on the floor. This is a real joyride, so have your snacks and partner or buddy along for the journey.

Because of its wonderful sedative values, this is ideal for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. If you suffer from digestive issues, nausea or lack of appetite, Batman OG is for you. However, due to its powerful nature, only intermediate and advanced smokers should apply. Caution is advised for the novices out there.

It is a high that can be very silly but also very entertaining and is a proper crowd-pleaser. Don your cape, get Alfred to make you a drink, get on to Vicki Vale and enjoy the absolute pleasure this strain delivers.

There is an almost cloak of darkness hiding information about this bud, so parentage and breeders of Batman OG are unknown.

It is the Dark Knight.

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