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A Sativa-Dominant strain with a Potent Head-High

If you’re searching for an energising strain that’s tasty and perfect for waking, baking and socialising, then look no further. Bay Dream ticks all those boxes. With aplomb. If you are aware of Granddaddy Purple, a breeding collective based in Northern California, then you will be privy to their beautifully fruity Bay 11. Now, combine that with Blue Dream and you will be on an express train to pure bliss.

The THC composition flowers up to an impressive 26%. These beautiful flowers have a loose bud structure, which is the norm for sativas. Their colouring is usually a light green with an underlying purple, the purple due to exposure to colder temperatures. There is a complexity to the aroma. There is a fruity, berry-like taste from Blue Dream that is coupled with a kind of pine twist from Bay 11. It makes for quite a sensation and a citrus smooth experience.

For sativa, this is a slow-build. Users may feel more talkative and increasingly more aware of their surroundings. For those with a tendency towards anxiety, Bay Dream could potentially become disorienting. It is a wonderful conduit to use for engagement in conversation as it induces a 70’s vibe of free association. For those suffering from depression or stress, its immediacy can be a welcome relief.

There are some physical benefits from Bay Dream, as it has an ability to increase energy and ultimately encourage you to exercise. It is probably not the best for those grappling with anxiety issues as it promotes rapid-fire thought processes.

Bay Dream is only available as a clone from fellow growers. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, although outdoors would require warm and humid Mediterranean-type temperatures. It flowers within 9 to 10 weeks.

Bay Dream is a robust and tasty sativa with some awesome genes.

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