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A Wicked Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Be careful out there. There’s a new hybrid in town and it doesn’t take any prisoners. This is Clint Eastwood, riding in to your town and asking for names. You better be able to respond. Punk.

Bay Lotus is a hard-hitter and not shy of what’s thrown its way. It stands on its own two feet. The hybrid cannabis strain involved in this gun-slinger is something to be amazed about. But also, something to be feared.

There are the ridiculous thick dense buds of the Bay 11 strain that transfer, without an apology, in to a wickedly frosty white lotus when it has been devilled into Bay Lotus. The results are, what any experienced handler, would expect, shaky and properly scary.

This is not a rodeo, and certainly not for those who have never rubbed a saddle.

There is a scariness in the thickness of the buds, an almost primeval fear and understanding that, if you choose to go down this path, you may never have the choice to go back.

The bright green buds and amber-coloured hairs, speckled with red spots may seduce, but are only inviting you down. The THC content is an impressive average of around 21%-24%.

A wonderful entry into the world of pain management, easing of stress and depression. Definitely not recommended for anyone who suffers from anxiety, as it could cause a type of mania.

Bay Lotus can be grown indoors or outdoors, and the flowering time is generally between 9-10 weeks.

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