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A Sativa-Dominant Hybrid.

‘Follow the yellow-brick road! Follow the yellow-brick road!’ Suffice to say, the path to glorious understanding in this instance is not paved with yellow-brick roads that brought Dorothy and her gang can follow. Nonetheless it is a paved road and those who follow it are sure to reach a dreamy destination.

Paved, one has to say, superbly, and glorified with neon green nugs, sensationally embellished with vivid orange hairs, and finished off with a coating of rich amber crystal trichomes, this bud will take you higher.

This bud has a very pungent flavour with a spicy exhale that could lead newcomers bent over, coughing. We are in the weeds here and, honestly, loving getting dirty. This high will neglect asking you to strap-in as you will rocket away, with no helmet, and shuttle you to wherever the sky invites you to go. It is a trip.

The obvious, but beautiful euphoria you will experience at this point, will be asked for a dance, by the feeling of contentment and luxury. Ultimately, you will find a room.

With these great effects, and it’s incredibly high 15%-23% THC level, Bay Platinum Cookies is considered a great help for easing chronic pain, depression, appetite loss and nausea. Also, it is known to aid those who suffer from chronic fatigue.

Bay Platinum Cookies offers a super delicious flavour and an insanely powerful high.

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