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A CBD Dominant Strain from Seattle Chronic Seeds

BBS is a cannabis strain with enriched CBD levels that was produced by crossing Super Sour CBD and Blackberry Kush. Produced by Seattle Chronic Seeds, it is a strain that quickly became a favourite of medicinal users.

It is a largely sativa strain that has an aroma of sour gas and blackberry pie that develops into a blackberry sour haze smell when ground. As noted, this is a strain that was developed to have higher CBD levels than THC. As such, it is not particularly psychoactive and won’t be of great interest to recreational users.

However, it is a fantastic strain for medicinal users. CBD has been found to help treat a wide range of ailments, such as chronic pain and epilepsy, and more uses for it are being discovered all of the time.  It can also aid mental disorders and should help to calm both the mind and body. As such, it is a strain that is very much worth being aware of if you are looking to harness the medical benefits of cannabis.

Better yet, it is not considered a particularly difficult strain to grow at home. It can be grown indoors, where it will have a flowering time of roughly 67 days. Importantly, it will produce a large yield no matter what type of environment it is grown in, making it well worth the wait.


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