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An Uplifting Sativa from 303 Seeds

Bear Dance is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain produced by 303 Seeds that comes from a Humboldt Snowcap mother and a Pure Kush x Uzbeki Hashplant father. It is known as a particularly uplifting strains and it has astronomical THC levels of around 33%.

The nugs have a dusty green appearances and they are covered with amber hairs and lavender trichomes. The strain has a strong lemon scent and the sour flavour is accompanied by mint and spices.

The high from Bear Dance is extremely euphoric and is likely to leave you feeling very silly. As such, it is a great strain to enjoy with friends. It often produces uncontrollable giggles but some people do report that it allows them to focus. However, as it is so potent, even experienced smokers need to be a bit careful, otherwise, they may find themselves feeling a little paranoid. Eventually, the high produces a relaxing body sensation that will leave you feeling deeply satisfied.

Bear Dance may be a good strain for those who struggle with depression and stress. Furthermore, due to the high THC level, it can also help with pains and fatigue. As it is likely to produce the munchies, Bear Dance is also a good option for those who struggle with their appetite.

Bear Dance is not particularly difficult to grow. However, it is a particularly pungent strain and the plants can be very big. The flowering time is not particularly fast and 9 to 11 weeks, but it should produce a good sized yield.


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