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A Strain for CBD Lovers

Beast Mode 2.0, also known as Blue Fire OG and Mama’s Little Secret, is a cross between Master Kush and White Fire OG. It was developed by Grass Roots Farm/Green Umbrella and it is a hugely popular with those seeking high levels of CBD.

The strain has equal levels of THC and CBD, with both measuring around 21% on average. As such, it delivers a strong head high together with body euphoria, even after a very small hit. The plant has grape shaped, minty green nugs covered in frosty trichomes that deliver the tastes and aromas of berry, kush, earthiness and pine.

Beast Mode 2.0 is well known for its ability to help with pain, tension, muscle spasms and migraines. Furthermore, thanks to its sedative properties, it can help those who struggle with sleep. The strain is also popular with those who suffer from mental illness or mood disorders, and it may be able to help those who suffer from depression, stress, and mild cases of bipolar disorder.

Not much is known about how to grow Beast Mode 2.0 as it is a proprietary strain. As such, it is unlikely that much information will be released about it. Therefore, anyone who wishes to grow at home may do better looking for a different strain.

This is the second Beast Mode strain and there is every chance that more will be developed in the future. It is strong and lively, and will leave you wanting more. While it is probably not a strain to be used in the morning, it is perfect in the late afternoon/early evening as you look to relax.

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