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An Indica from Green Umbrella

Developed by Green Umbrella, Beast Mode OG is the popular predecessor to the more recent strain Beast Mode 2.0. It is not entirely clear what the genetics of this strain are. Some believe that it may be a cut from Girl Scout Cookies or a phenotype of OG Kush, and while the breeders are staying quiet, the latter seems more likely.

Beast Mode OG has bluish-green furry nugs with very high THC levels of around 20%. It is a 70/30 indica-dominant strain that provides an enjoyable heady buzz that should help everyone relax. It has a kushy pine flavour and aroma while the nugs are highlighted with blue hues that are offset by orange pistils and crystal white trichomes.

The strain is well known for energising people and lifting their mood. However, as it is very potent, newcomers should be sure to be careful. On the other hand, those with a high tolerance for THC are likely to find this a fantastic strain to help with pain relief, reducing inflammation and easing stress. It is also helpful in mild cases of fatigue and lack of appetite.

Green Umbrella has not published any information about growing Beast Mode OG and they are unlikely to do so. Therefore, it is important to consult with an experienced grower if you do happen to come across the plant.

It is a truly popular strain, which can make it a little bit hard to find. However, if you are after a mood lifting, body calming high, then it is a strain you will want to track down.

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