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An Indica from Red Dirt Ridge Genetics

Created by the CA breeder Red Dirt Ridge Genetics, Beckwourth Bud is a hybrid cannabis strain that is slightly indica dominant (60% indica/40% sativa). It was created by crossing the classic Black Roses strain with Lost Sierra Night Nurse.

The bud had become well known for its stunning appearance and delicious flavours. The buds have dark olive green nugs that are covered with amber hairs, dusty crystal trichomes and a thick coating of resin. As the nuggets are broken apart, an aroma of citrus and coffee is released together with a touch of sourness. When smoked there are flavours of nuts, citrus and spicy herbs and some floral notes on the exhale.

The high delivered by Beckwourth Bud is truly relaxed and most suited to lazy nights at home when you have no plans at all. It begins with a subtle lift that will leave the mind happy and feeling reasonably focused. However, this soon develops into a heavy stoned state that spreads throughout the entire body in waves leaving you very relaxed and sedated.

These effects combined with a high 21-22% average THC level mean that it is a strain that is also popular with medicinal users who have reported that it can help treating muscle spasms, chronic pain, spasticity, insomnia, inflammation and chronic stress or anxiety.

As not much is known about how to grow this strain, if you do come across it then you should consult an expert grower to learn how to best to grow Beckwourth Bud at home.

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