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A Balanced Hybrid for Everyday Use

While it is not known if the name Bedford Glue has anything to do with Bedford in the UK, this strain is reportedly a cross between Gorilla Glue #1 and Highwayman. The result is a well-balanced hybrid with THC levels of around 20%.

Bedford Glue’s nugs are popcorn shaped with amber hairs and matching trichomes. It has an aroma and flavour of berries, sage, and earth that results in a sweet and savoury mix that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Some may also pick up on hits of pepper and pine undertones.

The high from Bedford Glue is happy and hazy. It begins with a lift that will leave you feeling giggly and sociable. However, this then settles down and you will be very relaxed while still functional. Many people find that they develop the munchies, so you should ensure that you have snacks on hand.

The strain is also popular with medicinal users, in particular those suffering from conditions such as inflammation and general pain. It may also help with stress, depression, eye pressure and muscle spasms.

Unfortunately, not much is known about how to grow this strain at home and the breeder is unlikely to release any information. Therefore, those looking to grow cannabis should probably look to a different strain.

However, if you do come across Bedford Glue, it is a great option for livening up your days and suitable for use in many different situations. It is a rare strain but certainly one that is worth keeping an eye out for.

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