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An Indica Strain from Bedrocan

Bedica is an indica dominant cannabis strain developed by Bedrocan. It is a product of the indigenous Afghani and Herijuana. The result is a highly enjoyable strain that delivers a soothing and relaxing high through THC levels of around 14%.

The high takes a while to kick in, but it will free the mind of negativity and leave users with a heightened sense of focus. As the indica trains begin to make themselves known, the body is enveloped in total relaxation and will gently guide the user towards sleep. It can also induce the munchies, so it is best to prepare snacks.

Bedica is rich in terpenes that produce a highly aromatic smell complete with damp earth and a strong pungent scent. When ground, the buds release a spicy smell. The flavours are quite similar but there is the addition of nutty undertones. The result is smoke that is very smooth on the throat.

Bedica does not have high CBD levels, but it has a large amount of the myrcene terpene, which delivers a calming effect. As such, Bedica may be of use to those looking to soothe body pain, muscle tension, and contraction in order to avoid spasms from occurring. It may also help with inflammation and swelling.

It is considered a relatively easy strain to grow at home as it can withstand sudden changes in temperature, humidity, and lighting. It can be grown using the Screen of Green, the Sea of Green and hydroponic systems and will produce dense, resinous dark green buds. However, it is very hard to find seeds.

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