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An Indica Dominant Hybrid

Bergamot, by definition, is a plant that that produces a type of citrus fruit. Hence the classification of this indica dominant hybrid flower under this guise, for Bergamot is packed with a sour citrus flavour, given an extra punch by its spicy and peppery presence.

The aroma from this cheeky flower is all about the spiciness, with a pungent overtone that’s given voice by a sour citrus and black pepper breath. These flavours and aromas make for a sensation over-load.

After being pummelled by this juggernaut of nasal and taste sensations, the actual high from Bergamot is a bit subdued and certainly not in the same realm as its initial potential would have first suggested. The effects will put you on an express elevator to ascension, but will quickly force you to descend, with ease. Take it easy. This is a slow wonderment that will calmly creep up behind you. The effect of the tap on the shoulder will send you in to a state of euphoria and happiness. This will be followed by a sense of pure bliss, accompanied on the ride with creativity and a social ability. Lazy and happy conversations will ensue with the possibilities of being couch-locked not far behind.

Bergamot is a recommended choice for those in the need of treatment for depression, chronic pain, and nausea or appetite loss, due to its high THC levels (15%-21% average).

Bergamot has a small bud that is spade-shaped. The minty green nugs have thin orange hairs and chunky bright white crystal trichomes.

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