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100% Pure Sativa

Those hard-working students at Cal State Berkeley have been dipping their toes into the dark waters of alchemy and have unleashed upon the world a wickedly good strain. Concocted as the result of a botany project, Berkeley packs a powerful punch, due to its crossing of two mystery strains and back-crossing with a third. This resulted in Berkeley possessing a sky-high THC level of 26%.

To look at, Berkeley has thick buds that are quite dark and dense. They are olive green in colour and covered in thick orange hairs and a sweet sticky resin. These buds give off a sweet aroma of juicy diced apples. The flavour from Berkeley reflects its aroma, with added elements of pepper and earthiness.

As a result of Berkely being 100% sativa, the high you get from the first hit will release a reservoir of energy and send your mood blasting towards the heavens. For artists and creatives alike, you will surely be gifted inspiration to finish that story or complete that painting, such is the powerful effect of this bud.

The medicinal values of Berkeley know no bounds. For the treatment of depression, chronic fatigue and mild pain, this strain is perfect for you. If, on the other hand, you suffer from anxiety or PTSD, you need to stay away from this strain as it has the ability to send your mind and heart racing.

Berkeley is quite easy to grow, with a short flowering time and a high yield. Cool to warm temperatures will delight this plant and it will grow confidently in these conditions to a height of between three and six feet after around four to six weeks.

For an inspirational high with an energetic vibe, Berkeley is your jam.

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