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A Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Bernie’s Cookies comes rolling into town, riding on the coat-tails of its namesake and creator, Berner, a friend of rapper Wiz Khalifa. Coming at you with an insane THC level of 27%, and a hard punch cut of Girl Scout Cookies, this beast will take no prisoners.

This savage bud has small round and grape shaped nugs, tinged with a forest green hue. These are complimented by bright fiery orange hairs and dusted with a sprinkling of tiny amber crystal trichomes.

There will be a dust-up of the senses as this tasty demon will fill your lungs with fresh flavours of decadent vanilla and nutty kush. As you exhale, the smoke will fill the air with a dank and pungent aroma.

The high achieved from Berner’s Cookies is not one that can be ignored. There is a creeping quality to it, as after your first toke, you will be enveloped in a happy and sociable state. Though distractions will come at you, mainly of the creative ilk, you will find yourself in a state of euphoria and wanting to converse with one and all around you. If you are not cautious with the levels of intake, you may well find yourself couch-locked and sleepy.

With the combination of Berner’s Cookies high THC levels and its euphoric effects, it is a very impactful assist to anyone suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, depression, appetite loss and severe stress.

All in all, Berner’s Cookies delivers a creative, euphoric and happy high that ultimately lends to a relaxed slumber.

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