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A CBD-Dominant Strain for Medicinal Use

This is one for the books. There is a majesty to Berry Blossom that cannot be denied. Because of its super low THC levels of 1% and its rare, evenly balanced hybrid, this strain offers a happy-clappy outcome, that you can enjoy on a level where one can be surrounded by friends and family and also get things done. This place of divinity can also be attributed to the crossing of the delectable Chardonnay and Cherry Kandahar strains.

It is, in fact, a CBD dominant strain with a CBD to THC ratio of 30:1, making it ideal for medicinal users.

To hold Berry Blossom in the hand, you will see that the buds have small and fluffy minty green nugs that are complimented by a myriad of thin orange hairs and delicately coated with tiny frosty white crystal trichomes.

As with most classic hybrids, Berry Blossom gifts a big tasty flavour that gives rise to long-lasting effects. The flavour is super sweet, with fruity berry and candy tones that are met on the exhale by flowery cotton candy elements. While all this is happening, the air is left with aromas of lavender and spicy rose, accentuated by sweet berries.

The full-bodied high that quickly follows is something to behold. You will find yourself luxuriating in a mellow and medicinal bubble, that will keep you floating and soothed from head to toe for many an hour. Because of its exceptionally low THC levels of 1%, the effects of Berry Blossom are relatively unnoticeable and as a result you will feel totally at ease, without any racing thoughts and your body fully relaxed.

Berry Blossom is a wonderful medicinal option for treating symptoms like chronic pain, spasms, cramps, muscle spasms, spasticity and inflammation.

Overall, Berry Blossom is a gentle guide into a euphoric world.

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