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An Automatic Flowering Ruderalis Hybrid Variety

Berry Pie, originating from the mad professors at Buzzer Organic Seeds is a ruderalis/indica/sativa strain. It has a stimulating and invigorating quality to it and retains a relaxing body feeling.

The aroma / smell of Berry Pie can be described best as sweet with a floral bouquet, with fruit and also a little bit of peanut butter and an additional bit of spice, complimented by a whisper of pine and hashish flavours. There is a bitterness to the smoke that users could find slightly acrid to the nose.

This bud has a foliage that is glossy, dark green with wonderfully fragrant buds.

The high one gets from these flowers is very relaxing and calming. The feeling is expressed through a meditative perception that draws you deep into the now and often pulls you into a monotonous activity, but does not make you tired. Good for watching favourite films, listening to good music, all in the good company of friends.

Berry Pie is a very robust strain that flowers very quickly and evenly; due to its thick leaves it seems to be avoided by insects and due to its stability, it has no problems with storms or windy locations outdoors. The first sowing can be harvested at the beginning of May and the last, at the end of August!

Berry Pie gives off a smoke that is pleasant to inhale and has a positive effect on the lungs. Berry Pie has, basically a strong effect on the body, as it is calming with minimal couch-lock. It will inspire meditative and thought-provoking experiences.

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