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An Indica-Leaning Strain with 22% THC

‘Barry White. Barry White, saved my life. And if Barry White saved your life or got you back with your ex-wife, sing Barry White…’ The very cool words of Fun Lovin Criminals, and also the effects of this truly smooth smoke. The slow funky bass-notes of this strain will have you flying high but remaining cool.

Berry White needs to be taken seriously and appreciated. There is an undeniable smokability here that has evenly balanced effects in both mind and body that can be attributed to the marriage between White Widow and Blueberry. This, right here, is where you want to go. You will avoid couch lock if you tread carefully.

Berry White buds have dense, popcorn shaped nugs that are dark olive green with undertones of deep blue and a rich purple. The immense aromas and flavours have a consistent blueberry, floral and pine-tinged quality, with just a whisper of sour lemon. It dons a wig of fiery orange hairs with a thick layer of crystal trichomes.

Inexperienced users should approach with caution, as Berry White can bite with its THC levels of up to 22%. The influence of both indica and sativa can be felt immediately, as the high offers complete euphoria and a full body relaxation. There is a welcoming want for creativity which can be inspirational. However, as it is a beautifully smooth smoke, excess can happen quite easily and sleep could take over.

Medicinally, Berry White is a favourite for those suffering from insomnia and chronic pain. For mental health issues, it has an ability to treat symptoms like depression, anxiety and severe stress and gives those a brief respite.

Your best bet to grow is to cultivate in a green-house, as it tends to prefer being in a controlled environment. You should be able to achieve an average yield after 7-10 weeks.

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