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A Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Bertberry Cheesecake is a wickedly good bud. A cross between UK Cheese and Alien Moonshine, this one packs a powerful punch, a punch that should make you aware that only a few tokes should suffice. That is, unless you want to succumb to couch lock or sleep.

The buds of this particular strain have fluffy olive green nugs with blue undertones. These are complimented by bright orange hairs and a generous coating of chunky, amber crystal trichomes.

Bertberry’s Cheesecake has a delicious flavour with a sweet and creamy blueberry cheesecake taste and a slight pungent exhale. The aromas that emanate from this bud are very fruity and sweet accentuated by fresh blueberries and an array of spices.

There is an immediacy to the high you will get from Bertberry Cheesecake, coming at you like a freight train, moments after your first exhale. This will be followed by a wonderful sense of euphoria coupled with a sharp increase in your levels of creativity and focus.

Because of these powerful effects and its quite high THC level of 15%-18%, Bertberry Cheesecake is often the go-to bud for those suffering from migraines, cramps, chronic stress, depression and chronic fatigue. For those who suffer from paranoia or any kind of anxiety, this bud is certainly not for you and should be avoided at all costs.

For those who desire to get their creative juices flowing, but lack the motivation, Bertberry Cheesecake is just the bud for you.

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