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An Indica-Dominant Cannabis Strain

There is a certain air of mystery to the origins of Big Bud, but those who claim to be in the know reckon that it is a likely cross between early staple strains of Afghani, Haze and Northern Lights. The strain won 1st prize in the “Mostly Indica” category in the second-ever High Times Cannabis Cup in 1989. The THC composition of Big Bud can vary from about 15% to 20%.

Big Bud has long, dense spade shaped, olive green nugs with rich purple undertones and fiery orange hairs spattered throughout the body. These nugs are covered in a fine layer of white crystal trichomes and visible sweet resin. The aroma coming at you from the buds is very bold, with a mostly dank and earthy scent undercut by some fruitiness. There is a wonderful, herbal spiciness to the flavour, and the smoke has a lingering sweetness.

Participants describe the Big Bud high as a slowly creeping onset of an overpowering couch-lock, feeling of lethargic laziness, and sleepiness. This lazy high, often descending into couchlock, is perfect for passive activities like watching cherished movies or listening to your favorite tunes.

Due to these potent effects, Big Bud is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia and chronic pain.

Big Bud can be grown outdoors, but only in consistently warm climates with reliable sources of sunlight. Big Bud flowers somewhat quickly for an indica, within 7 to 8 weeks, and has a medium-high yield.

This powerfully potent bud is great for physically numbing and mentally soothing yourself in calm, comfortable conditions.

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