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An Evenly Balanced Hybrid Strain

The brilliant wizards at Fancy Weed have done it again with their creation of the delectable Black Label strain. This bud, with its gloriously high 24% THC level, will gift the user a wonderful and euphoric high that gives away to a peaceful sleep.

Black Label’s buds are quite colourful, with reddish pistils, tons of trichomes, and light purple leaves. Offering both sweet and savoury to your taste buds, this flower emits flavours of pine and menthol along with a dank and fruity finish that makes for a well-rounded and balanced experience.

The high from Black Label sets in immediately, with a sensation of contentment that rushes from head to toe. Creative juices begin to flow, and while you may not have much energy to actually do anything, you’ll feel euphoric and properly chilled. On the flip-side, Black Label’s come down contains a strong body buzz that imparts sedation and the inevitable desire to close your eyes.

Black Label works to fight against anxiety and depression, replacing negative thoughts with ones of bliss. Individuals who struggle with bodily pain can also benefit from this bud, and sufferers of insomnia don’t stand a chance against her sedative effects.

Fancy Weed offers the ability to purchase Black Label seeds straight from their website. She can be quite easily grown indoors or outdoors and has an average growing period of 8 weeks.

Ultimately, Black Label is a top-shelf strain that will gift users a delicious high that will eventually carry you to a comfortable sleep. Sit back and enjoy.



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