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A Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain

The mad professors at New420Guy Seeds have cooked up a tremendously enjoyable strain in the form of Blackberry Diesel. In order to achieve this, they crossed the East Coast Sour Diesel and Plushberry strains to gift to the world a wonderfully delicious bud that boasts a powerful 21% average THC level, resulting in a high that will have users both elated and relaxed in equal measure.

Blackberry Diesel buds have bright neon green popcorn-shaped nugs with thick golden hairs, dark undertones, and a fine coating of milky crystal trichomes that appear gold in the light. It tastes of earthen berries with a dollop of syrupy honey, emphasized by sour diesel. The dark purple and green undertones highlight the berry and honey on the tongue, while the aroma has a musky quality to it, with earthy undercurrents and tart diesel.

From the very first puff, you will be wide awake, alert and upbeat. Your mind will be laser focused on whatever task is at hand and you’ll feel incredibly creative. If you’re having an exhaustive day, have a toke off Blackberry Diesel to clear away the cobwebs and put a spring in your step. These effects paired with its powerful 19-21% average THC level make this strain ideal for treating conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, fatigue and appetite loss. It is also a wonderful helping hand in getting your mind to focus.

Luckily for growers, Blackberry Diesel can be grown both indoors and out and flowers between 8-9 weeks, gifting the grower an excellent yield. Owing to its pungent aroma, discretion is advised if you want keep your neighbours from knowing what you’re growing.

A wonderful way to get your creative juices flowing and to get over your writer’s block, Blackberry Diesel is a superb bud and is best enjoyed during the day.

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