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An Enjoyable Indica Hybrid

Blackberry Kush is a primarily indica strain that has buds covered in thin red hairs and lots of trichomes. The green buds often display hints of purples, yellows and blacks. The indica properties are very much apparent and the strain induces a strong couchlock body high. Nonetheless, it also produces some strong euphoric feelings and elevates the user’s mood. Users often report feeling very hungry as well.

Thanks to the strain’s indica properties, people who suffer from insomnia or pain often use Blackberry Kush. These indica effects also make it an excellent strain for night-time use. People have also used it to help them deal with stress, nervousness and anxiety.

The exact heritage of Blackberry Kush is unknown, but most dispensaries estimate it to be around eighty percent inddica. Some claim that it is a cross between an Afghani, a pure indica, and one of the Blackberry strains, while others said that the Afghani was not crossed with a Blackberry strain, but with DJ Short Blueberry. Furthermore, some think the Afghani was part of a Blackberry strain that is the father, and it was then crossed with a Bubba Kush. There are even those who think that Bubba Kush was instead crossed with a DJ Short Blueberry to produce Blackberry Kush.

The strain is best grown indoors and is great for beginners thanks to its relative ease of growth and its very high yields. Even complete newcomers can expect to produce up to 450 grams per square meter of plant.

There are experienced growers who have grown Blackberry Kush outside with great success, harvesting up to two pounds per plant. The strain is naturally resistant to moulds and mildews, but it has been known to have problems with botrytis. It is also necessary to protect it from spider mites. It will mature after around 65 to 75 days and a little quicker when grown outside.

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