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An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

Although information on this strain is limited, what is known is that this bud comes at us from the alchemy wizards at Emerald Triangle. They have delved deep into their cauldrons of creativity to manifest this wonderful concoction of experimental prowess. Grab a pen and paper, for we are diving down the rabbit-hole with this one. Deep breath, this delightful bud was created through the crossing of Black Domina and Very Berry and Lost Coast OG Kush and CBD Sativa. With an impressive 25% average THC level, this bud is good for what ails you, as it will wrap its warm arms around you as it sends you off to sleep.

Blackberry OG CBD produces large nugs that are infused with a super intense sweet berry flavour with a sweet-smelling aroma, that varies from fruit and berries to a sugary candy. Alongside its fruity terpene profile, dense lime green buds offer a well-rounded and deliciously enticing high.

The high from this bud is quick and heavy. An almost immediate feeling of euphoria will be quickly replaced with a full body high that will have you veering towards the couch, ready to rest and oftentimes, close your tired eyes. Inevitably, couch-lock will be the order of the day.

As a result of these effects, Blackberry OG CBD is often regarded as ideal in the treatment of anxiety, appetite stimulation, arthritis, asthma, Chronic pain, nausea, depression, epilepsy, insomnia, migraine, multiple sclerosis and pain relief.

Blackberry OG CBD from Emerald Triangle is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and can be harvested from mid to late September.

If it’s a relaxing body and mind high you are looking for, Blackberry OG CBD has got you covered.

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