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A Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain

Originally developed in the 1970’s, but has been tinkered with since, resulting in this version, hailing from the mad geniuses British Colombia Seed Company. This bud is not for the faint of heart. By crossing the Haze and Blueberry strains, they have concocted a mighty smoke, one that, because of its daunting 20+% average THC level, will have the user experiencing a cerebral high coupled with a razor-sharp focus.

Blaze buds have small tight minty green nugs with bright orange hairs and dark leaves coated in vibrantly white crystal trichomes. It has a pungent scent with a fruity profile, lined with trails of sweet lemons, delicious blueberries, and ripe grapes that intensify after breaking apart the buds. Its flavours reflect its aroma, and is very sweet and earthy with a notable blueberry grape overtone that’s slightly spicy and herby at times.

The high from Blaze starts off with a rush of euphoria that clears the head of any clutter. This will be followed immediately by an eruption of cerebral effects that will catapult you into a long-lasting bright head high that lends itself well to daytime activities. So, get that to-do list ready, for this bud will lend a helping hand in getting them done. As already mentioned, those prone to anxiety or paranoia should avoid Blaze, at all costs.

As a result of these heady effects and its potent 20+% average THC level, Blaze is the perfect choice for treating chronic fatigue, depression, migraines, or headaches, fibromyalgia, and eye pressure or glaucoma.

For potential cultivators, Blaze can be grown indoors and out and should flower in 12 weeks for indoor plants and late September or early October for outdoor harvesting.

For an energetic high that will lead to a relaxed and calming evening, look no further for the wonder that is, Blaze.

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