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An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

This delicious bud was concocted by the clever professors at Gage Green Genetics. They surmised that if they crossed the Allure OG and Joseph OG strains that they could gift OG connoisseurs something special. And they weren’t wrong. With an impressive 19% average THC level and a 1% CBD level, they have created a strain that will delight users with psychoactive head rushes followed by full body relaxation.

The Blessings OG buds are dense and potent and give off a bold, honey, cookie dough and earthy aroma. The flavours combine the citrus properties from the Allure strain with the diesel kush from the Joesph OG strain.

The high from, Blessings OG is truly a blessing for any OG aficionado out there. It wastes no time in delivering its effects. After the first exhale, users will dive headlong into pure euphoria, which is quickly followed by all kinds of psychoactive head rushes that have the user flying high amongst the clouds. The energy and creativity one gets from this bud is something to behold and experience. Finally, all these delightful cerebral effects will gently dissipate into a fully relaxing body high. All anxieties and stresses are replaced with a calming and serene state.

As a result of these wonderful effects and its high 19% THC level, Blessings OG makes for an ideal choice in the treatment of chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, fatigue and chronic stress.

Thankfully seeds of Blessings OG are available to buy online. This is not a difficult plant to grown and can be grown indoors or outdoors and will take an average of 63 days to flower.

For a deliciously euphoric high with full body relaxation, look no further than Blessings OG.

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