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An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

Hailing from those talented alchemists at Moxie Seeds, this bud will delight indica lovers everywhere with its happy and utterly beguiling effects. By crossing the Blue Diamond and Lemon OG strains, these geniuses have gifted the world the exquisite, Blue Coral. With its powerful lineage and sturdy 20-22% average THC level, this bud promises to deliver a purely tranquil experience to anyone who indulges in its wares.

On breaking apart the buds of Blue Coral, your receptors will be amazed by the pleasant and woody aromas that are released. The taste is reminiscent of coffee and sage and gives a frosty freshness on the exhale, due to mint.

The high from this delectable delight begins slowly, but after a couple of minutes your mind will be lifted until you are flying high in the friendly sky, as your stresses fall away. This wonderful sense of euphoria will have you feeling happy, with not a worry in the world, and smiling from ear to ear. It will not interfere with any of your daily activities and will, in fact encourage sociability and lead to an increased ability to engage in interesting conversation with those around you. After a while the physical effects will take hold and a deep sense of relaxation will spread throughout the entire body, leading to both body and mind existing in a state of pure bliss. If over-indulged, this will most certainly lead to the inevitable couch-lock. Novices should approach this bud with caution, due to its sedative effects.

As a result of these effects and its 22% THC level, Blue Coral is ideal for the treatment of anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, PTSD, chronic pain and insomnia.

Seeds of Blue Coral are available online. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, and will flower in 43-56 days.

If it’s a euphoric and happy high with a deeply comfortable relaxation you are looking for, then look no further, for Blue Coral has got you covered.

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