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A Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain

This wonderful bud is famous amongst users for daytime consumption. This is likely due to the fact that by crossing the Blue Dream and Green Crack strains, the unknown breeders created Blue Crack, a delicious bud with a strong 22-24% average THC level that gifts the user a deeply satisfying and energetic high.
The buds of Blue Crack have a sticky composition with a greenish orange appearance. Upon pulling apart these soft buds, aromas of sweet berry are released into the air. The sweet and spicy taste is smooth to the throat, and this is further enhanced by the blend of blueberry and spices.
The high from Blue Crack and its effects can be separated between its two parent strains. Green Crack gives the user an energizing rush, but it is mellowed down by the calming properties of Blue Dream. The energy boost from the Green Crack strain allows users to move and complete tasks. At the same time, people using this strain also feel more sociable. The Blue Dream strain balances this cerebral high by giving the user a full-body relaxation. Although extremely soothing, Blue Crack’s body high rarely leads to couch-lock.
As a result of these effects and its 22-24% average THC level, Blue Crack is an ideal choice for the treatment of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation and hyperactivity. It is also effective for those dealing with appetite loss, as it inspires hunger.
Unfortunately seeds of Blue Crack are extremely hard to come by. If procured, this plant can only be grown outdoors. When growing outdoors, expect it to flower in the middle of October.
For a euphoric, energetic high that leads a full-body relaxation and bliss, try Blue Crack.

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