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An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

This strain is no stranger to fame as it is a back-to-back A-lister in the ‘Top 10 strains of the year’ and ‘Top 10 Canadian Strains of All Time’ by the prestigious High Times Magazine. Brought to life by those talented alchemists at Next Generation Seed Company, in Canada, Blue Dynamite exists from the crossing of the Dynamite and Avalon strains. Boasting an impressive 24% average THC level, this bud’s fame lies in its ability to reward users with an energetic high and blissful relaxation.

The strain is deep green in color with a dull yellowish orange hue in some places. It resembles a small, dense fir tree with orange hairs. When broken apart, the buds release aromas of intense fruitiness with a dash of hash. It has a long-lasting fruity berry taste with spicy undertones and slight traces of hash.

Now we get to the really good stuff. A few minutes after taking the first toke, the high from Blue Dynamite will take hold and catapult the user to a plain of pure euphoria and joy. Soon after, it delivers a boost of energy that will have any user feeling motivated and creative.  This heightened sense of focus and mental clarity is ideal for those working on a project or artistic endeavour. Once this cerebral buzz begins to dissipate, the physical effects will begin to manifest, in the form of a muscle-soothing sensation that gently spreads throughout the entire body, leaving the user utterly relaxed, lazy and ready to drift off to the land of nod.

As a result of the incredible effects, Blue Dynamite is ideal for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, mild to severe headaches and different kinds of inflammations. Migraines, mood swings, pains and loss of appetite can also be resolved by using this bud.

Seeds of Blue Dynamite are available and, once obtained, it can be grown indoors and outdoors. For indoors, it will flower in 6 to 7 weeks. Outdoors, expect it to flower before mid-October.

Blue Dynamite is a sensational bud, and well-deserving of all its accolades. If it is pure euphoria, coupled with a deep body relaxation that you’re looking for, this is your bud.

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