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An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

As its name implies, Blue Kripple does have the potential to cause debilitating effects, but fear not as they are of the good variety. Originating from the talented mind of one Dr. Krippling, this bud is a three-way cross between the Medicine Man, Blue Rhino and Big Bud strains. This wickedly effective combination boasts a 17-21% average THC level that dutifully rewards the user a high that can be only described as wonderfully euphoric and intensely relaxing.

Blue Kripple has large dense rock-hard super sticky resinous forest green buds with rich amber hairs and a frosty layer of chunky white trichomes. These buds give off an aroma of potent skunk with a hint of sweet blueberry, and a taste of earthy blueberry that sweetens as you exhale with a noticeable aftertaste of skunk.

The high from this beauty wastes no time in announcing its presence, immediately launching the user’s mind into the stratosphere, leaving them motivated, energised and blissfully happy. This euphoric head high is more than conductive to broad smiles and laughter, no more so than in the company of friends. Soon after, a warm tingly sensation spreads throughout the entire body, leaving the user in a state of utter bliss and relaxation. These feelings will, inevitably, lead to couch-lock, so it is advisable to have a comfortable couch nearby and munchies at the ready. Because of the sedative effects, it’s best to indulge in Blue Kripple in the evening, when you have nothing on the agenda.

Due to these potent effects and its THC level, Blue Kripple is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, lack of appetite, mild to moderate cases of depression, and insomnia.

Seeds are available on line and can be grown indoors and outdoors. If growing indoors this plant will flower in 7 to 8 weeks. Outdoors, expect it to flower in October.

If, after a long day’s slog, you desire a high that will leave you blissfully content and intensely relaxed, reach for Blue Kripple.

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