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Bullrider is a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain

Bullrider brings a lot to the table with a name that induces thoughts of machismo and power. Fortunately, this strain serves its nickname well with considerably sized buds, dense structure, and the potential for substantial potency. However, this strain has been tested to fall within a wide range of THC content. The average THC content hovers around 18%.

Bullrider has some mystery surrounding its provenance, though many believe it to be a cross between G13 and Skunk #1.

As a 60% Sativa 40% Indica split, this strain’s effects focus more on the mind than the body. However, there are still considerable somatic merits to this strain’s smoke. As a result, consumers may experience significant couch lock, though they won’t feel overly drowsy or tired.  A distinct boost to energy is reported among female users specifically, while men tend to report more relaxing effects.

Many recreational and medicinal users of Bullrider appreciate this strain’s ability to mitigate the effects of sleeplessness, attention disorders, stress, fatigue, depression, inflammation, and chronic pain.

These buds are rugged and dense, much like its namesake. The flavors and smalls are sour and spicy, with a veneer of citrus, not unlike a well-worn leather saddle. The bud profile is squat and bright green with a generous dusting of trichomes and wiry dark orange hairs.

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