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A Well Balanced Indica Hybrid

Cherry Pie is an indica-leaning hybrid that is occasionally known as Cherry Kush, and is extremely popular. It is a cross between the indica Grand Daddy Purple and the sativa Durban Poison, and it brings together some of the best characteristics of each parent strain. It produces a balanced and mind-expanding high that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. Its versatility, together with its tart and fruity taste, has made it hugely popular. It can be relied upon to have THC levels of around 20%.

The strain produces flowers that are small to medium in size and have a bud structure that is characteristic of indica-dominant hybrids. The tightly curled leaves are densely packed and threaded with orange pistils. The leaves are largely mossy green, but there can be hints of purple that come from pigments passed on from Grand Daddy Purple. The colourful buds are covered in white trichomes that give them a silver sheen and a very resinous texture.

After it has been properly cured, Cherry Pie has a sweet, rich cherry smell together with hash-like tones that come to the fore when the buds are ground or broken up. When burnt, Cherry Pie produces very smooth smoke that is easily inhaled and when exhaled it tastes toasted with a hint of sweet fruit.

The high from Cherry Pie mounts slowly, it starts as a progressive feeling of relaxation and gradually dissolves muscle tension and brings about deep, easy breathing. It will lessen the effects of any mild or short-term worries, and produces an undeniably pleasant sensation. As the high progresses the sativa side of the strain can be felt. Sensory stimulation can become more intense and mundane thoughts may become more interesting. Combined with the indica foundation, this allows most users to enjoy the trip while engaging in creative or analytical work. As it works on both the body and mind, Cherry Pie is good for activities that require both.

Medical cannabis patients may benefit both psychologically and physiologically from Cherry Pie. It may help those who suffer from anxiety, depression and PTSD and it can also help those with attention deficit disorders. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory properties may help to soothe headaches and muscle pain. Taken in a high enough dose, it can also help to relieve insomnia.

While Cherry Pie’s exact provenance is unknown and no high-profile breeder has claimed the strain as their own, it is easy to buy the seeds online. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, but outdoors will require a warm, humid, Mediterranean like climate with consistent daytime sunlight. The plants grow short and bushy with wide lateral branching. As a result, growers may need to trim light-blocking fan leaves in order to maximise the growth of any low-growing flowering nodes.  Cherry Pie flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when it is grown indoors.

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