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A Mysterious and Potent Hybrid

According to the legend, G13 Haze was created in the 1960s from a number of highly potent strains by the CIA, the FBI and another secret government agency. The legend says that after years of trial and error, a secret sub-group then perfected the strain around 1970 at the University of Mississippi, only for a lab technician to steal a sample and start breeding it for the masses. However, this is most likely just legend.

Adding to the rumours is the fact that this highly potent strain is also known as “Government Indica Strain 1”. It has very high THC levels of around 22%, and both CBD and CBN come it at 1%. The buds are extremely dense and have a light green colour, they are covered with orange hairs that make it appear furry. It gives of a strong smell that is similar to mandarins and grapefruits, with flavours that are sweet and citrusy.

G13 is an extremely popular strain and it isn’t hard to understand why. It gives full body tingles and creates a state of instant euphoria in users. The effects are long lasting, and users are put into a deep trance that will eventually lead to a deep and refreshing sleep.

The strain was designed to be medicinal and it can be used in a number of different circumstances. It is most often used for pain relief. Thanks to its numbing effects, it can ease aches, soreness, tightness in muscles, and headaches. It will also lift the spirit and stimulate the mind, which can be helpful for those with depression, anxiety, stress and lack of appetite.

While it may have been created in a shroud of secrecy, it is very easy to grow. The indoor flowering time is around 11 weeks. It produces a slightly above average yield and it will take a little bit of work to keep the plants healthy and thriving. However, it is not one of the more difficult strains to grow.

Whatever you make of the origin story, G13 provides a strong and long lasting high, and is a hugely popular strain as a result. It was bred to be a ‘perfect strain’ and it certainly comes close. It has a great flavour, strong effects, and an enjoyable long lasting high.

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