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A Pain Relief Hybrid

God’s Gift is a mix of two potent strains that are often used for pain relief, OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purple. It became very popular in 2005 around the Californian dispensaries. It has a strong smell of ripe berries and tastes very similar to Grand Daddy Purple. The strain is heavily indica dominant, around 90%, with just 10% sativa. God’s Gift provides an instant and full-bodied euphoric feeling, which in addition to leaving users happy and relaxed, is also very helpful for treating pains.

While the taste is similar to Grand Daddy Purple, it has a more citrusy and lemon after taste. When properly grown, it has vibrant purple hues, dense buds, and is covered in crystal-like trichomes. The strain will leave users feeling peaceful and dazy, and is likely to induce a strong couchlock. After just a few hits, most users will begin to feel very sleepy. As a result, it has been used by people who suffer with a variety of conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s and cancer. It has also been used to help boost the appetite and relieve stress.

God’s Gift is an easy strain to grow with a flowering time of just 8 to 9 weeks and a moderately sized yield. It requires very little care and attention during vegetation, and generally grows to be over 4 foot tall.

What makes God’s Gift unique is that while it provides a calming and trance like state, it is not uncommon to feel extremely happy when using it. This has made it particularly popular with those suffering from chronic pain.

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