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An Intense Award-Winning Hybrid

GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, is far more intense than its name suggests. It is a hybrid strain that delivers a flavourful and euphoric experience and is easily one of the most popular strains. GSC has won awards from the Cannabis Cup and it is made of OG Kush and Durban Poison, which many people enjoy in the evenings.

The underground breeding collective Cookie Family (or Cookie Fam) created GSC. They combined two popular strains and have managed to elevate the THC levels to an average of 25% to 28% and the stain also has a CBD and CBN content of 1%. As well as its impressive strength, the strain is known for its flavour and smell. It has a sweet, earthy smell that only intensifies as the buds are broken apart. The smoke is also sweet, and that is why many view this is a ‘dessert’ smoke. It also looks attractive, with light green and purple buds together with orange hairs and bright purple leaves.

GSC provides a euphoric high, complete with tingles that run across the body. The plant will leave you questioning time and space and keep you glued to your seat. You should know before smoking it that the couchlock is intense, and so are the munchies, so be prepared with snacks at hand. The high last a number of hours and you will experience waves of laughter as well as moments of introspection. The high will also leave you feeling creative, but probably unable to act on it.

GSC is also growing in popularity with the medical community. It is known as a great strain for treating chronic pain, inflammation, muscle tension and cramps. Furthermore, thanks to its sedative properties, it provides a huge amount of relief from stress. The strain is able to help you feel completely relaxed, and sets you up for a solid night of sleep.

The recommended growing techniques for this plant will vary depending on whom you ask. However, the developers, Cookie Farm, recommend SOG indoors with either a soil or hydro set up. The plant takes around 10 weeks to flower and the buds will be plump and plentiful. The plant yields roughly average amounts, but if you have really excellent growing conditions then you may be able to get a bit more out of it.

You will find numerous phenotypes of GSC that include plays on the strain’s former name, such as This Mint and Platinum Cookie. However, the original GSC stands out from the crowd thanks to its purple leafiness and twisting greenery. Furthermore, its high THC content makes it truly unique.

The name was changed from Girl Scout Cookies as there were concerns that it would appeal to children. Considering its strength and extremely hard hitting effects, GSC is certainly not a strain anyone should take lightly.

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