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A Potent Indica Dominant Hybrid

Headband is one of the best known indica dominant hybrids. It produces a very potent high, and takes its name from the pressure that builds up around the user’s temples as the strain’s THC dilates blood vessels in the face.

Headbands is a cross between the strains OG Kush, Master Kush and Sour Diesel. They are all indica dominant and give Headband a very high THC content, it is typically between 20% and 27%. There are a few theories about its origins; some believe that it was developed by the Colorado-based breeders Reserva Privada, who are responsible for strains such as Kandy Kush, while others think that it has its origin in 707 Headband, a grassroots strain that was developed in Humboldt County, California. The breeders DNA Genetics claim that they studied the ‘707’ strain and recreated its likely genetic profile to produce Headband.

Headband’s buds are small and nugget like. The leaves are a pale green, but some plant phenotypes do display shades of purple (due to cold temperatures activating anthocyanin compounds during the vegetative period.)

Headband flowers are covered in silver-white trichomes and are very sticky, as a result they can be hard to break up without a grinder. The cured flowers first smell tangy and lemony and they produce thick but smooth smoke. The smoke tastes citrusy when inhaled and has a creamy feel. The overall taste sensation is of lemon-scented cleaning fluid.

Headband’s high grows slowly and some users claim that it can take up to 20 minutes to feel the effects. It has very few sativa effects and it produces a spacey and foggy state that can make it hard to focus on tasks. It also gives a physical weighty feel that can result in couchlock. As a result, Headband is ideal for passive activities such as watching television and listening to music. Many people also report that it is a potent aphrodisiac.

As Headband is a powerful sedative, those who use marijuana for medical purposes find that it can help with anxiety and sleeping problems. Some have also reported that it helps with symptoms associated with migraines and muscle spasms. The negative side effects including dizziness, dry mouth, and red eyes. It is thought that the high from Headband lasts longer than average, even in heavy users.

Headband produces versatile plants that can be grown by those with limited to moderate experience. It is fairly mould and disease resistant and it can also withstand some temperature variation. Thanks to this, it is a good outdoor crop in warm temperate climates, and it can also be grown indoors. The plants have a characteristic indica shape, they are shorter than average and very busy. When grown indoors Headband flowers in ten to elven weeks and it produces higher than average yields.

Headband is a very potent strain that is likely to be enjoyed by newcomers and experienced users. It is bound to relax, and can be enjoyed alone or with friends. Furthermore, thanks to its high trichome composition, it is a choice for those producing hash and other THC concentrates.

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