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A Tribute Sativa Dominant Strain

Jack Herer is a lifelong cannabis activist and his 1985 book The Emperor Wears No Clothes is to this day an important resource used in the battle for cannabis decriminalisation and legislation. He had this sativa hybrid named after him when it was developed by Sensi Seeds in the 1980s/90s. It is a flavoursome strain that has been popular since it appeared on the market and it has now passed its genetics and name onto a variety of crossbred strains such as Jack’s Cleaner, Jack Skellington, and Jack the Ripper.

While the exact genetic formula has been kept a secret, it is widely thought that Jack Herer is the product of Haze and a cross of Norther Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. It has sticky buds that have an appealing citrus scent and tastes slightly of damp pine. The high is a balance between cerebral and physical effects, which will leave users relaxed but still attentive and able to converse. Thanks to this, it is a hugely popular strain and it has won nine Cannabis Cup titles. It has been measured as having THC levels ranging from 15% up to 24%.

It is not a particularly impressive strain to look at with pale green leaves that form elongated and densely packed buds. It has a very high trichome count making it very sticky to the touch. However, what it lacks visually it makes up for aromatically. When cured properly the flowers have a range of scents including orange, lemon and a peppery kick. When burnt, the scent is clear and herbal, similar to sage, and it has a herbal taste. While it is not particularly pungent, the smell will linger for a while after smoking, and is similar to potpourri.

It is a fast acting strain and users will enjoy a strong energizing head rush very soon after smoking. Over time the rush spreads to the rest of the body, creating a sense of relaxation but without leaving you immobilised. Overall, it is an alert high that tends to enhance creativity. Thanks to this, it is also great for facilitating conversation and users often feel stimulated but in complete control.

Medically, people have used it for treating mild stress, anxiety and depression as well as for pain relief from migraines. While it is not high in CBD, some claim that it is beneficial for chronic aches and pains. However, it is not recommended for those who suffer from insomnia and the stimulation can keep users awake. As a result, it is best used in the daytime.

Jack Herer seeds can be purchased from the strain’s developer, Sensi. It is also possible to obtain mature clippings from healthy plants in order to grow clones. Sensei says that there are four distinct phenotypes of Jack Herer, two that lean to indica and two that are predominantly sativa. Outdoor growers will need a Mediterranean like climate with daily temperatures of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant grow to as much as 8 foot tall, so indoor growers may need to restrict the height by topping and flowering soon after the plant takes root. The plants produce a low yield and it takes about 10 weeks to flower when grown indoors.

Jack Herer is an excellent choice for cannabis newcomers. It is a fantastic social drug as it allows users to talk and remain in control. It is also a good choice for solo use as it allows for creative thinking and a mild euphoric sense.

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