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A Cerebral Hybrid Strain

White Widow, famous for its incredibly high resin production, is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid that is particularly energising. It was first produced by the Dutch growers Green House Seeds in the 1990s from a mixture of Brazilian indica and South Indian sativa landraces. It didn’t take long for White Widow to become as popular as strains such as Northern Lights and Haze, and it won a High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995 and numerous more awards since then. White Widow was bred specially for its high trichome count and it is particularly valued in the making of hash. White Wide has an average THC composition of 20% but some phenotypes are even higher.

White Widow flowers appear chunky and slightly conical. The buds are more sativa than indica and have a loose and fluffy texture that breaks apart easily while being sticky. The leaves are green and don’t have many visible pistils.

When grown properly, White Widow’s buds are completely covered in long-stalked trichomes that gives the strain its colour and name. The strain is known for a particularly stinging and ammonia-like scent. When the buds are broken apart the smell released is more like hash or incense. The smoke is smooth and earthy, and not as fruity flavoured as other popular strains. However, when burning it smells particularly strong.

The strain can be grown from both seeds or from clones, by taking clippings of mature, healthy plants. It has high mould resistance so it can be grown outdoors, but it needs a Mediterranean climate with temperatures of between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. While White Widow provides a mostly sativa high, when growing it looks more like indica during the vegetative stage, the plants are bushy and rarely grow higher than 6 feet tall. Plants will flower within nine weeks when grown indoors and yield around 37 to 55 grams per square foot of plant.

White Widow is an excellent example of the amazing strains achieved in the Netherlands. It provides a cerebral high that in general allows users to remain functional and fully aware. It is popular for those looking to socialise and has become a firm favourite around the world. It has a very strong genetic foundation, it is made from Brazilian and South Asian landraces, and as a result, it has become a useful tool for experimentation in crossbreeding and has led to a number of popular hybrids such as White Russian and The White.

While it is not the most flavourful of strains, it is very quick acting. Users report becoming more tuned into their surroundings and describe an almost instant uplift in mood. Users also claim that it gives them an energy that is useful for mundane tasks such as cleaning, and tasks that are more complex. It has also been reported to have psychedelic effects such as visual distortion and increased perception. Thanks to its highly cerebral effects, the strain is more psychological than physical. However, it is fairly potent, so users may wish to plan their dosage carefully.


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