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How to Safely and Healthily Enjoy Cannabis

Cannabis / CBD Products / How to choose / November 7, 2021

Cannabis is being legalised in more and more places around the world, and increasing numbers of people are consuming it for both recreational and/or health purposes. Furthermore, many people have started to grow it organically at home from feminised or self-flowering seeds. With so many people using cannabis, it is worthwhile considering how to do it in the healthiest and safest ways possible. Read on to find out more.

The Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

Cannabis has most frequently been something that is consumed in company: often rolled into cigarettes and then shared amongst friends. As our current society becomes increasingly health-conscious, and the smoking of any kind of paper cigarettes decreases, the issue of how to use cannabis without smoking it has become more prevalent.  One of the most popular modern methods is to vape it. This gently roasts the shredded weed, from which steam is slowly released. The delightfully aromatic vapours contain terpenes, as well as THC and other cannabinoids. For many, a vaporiser is considered to be the cleanest way to consume cannabis because it is smoke-free and it removes the necessity to burn tobacco. Thus, there is no smoke or carbon monoxide, no tar and no other combustion products.

There are also other benefits to vaping cannabis. It’s far less conspicuous than smoking a joint. You can use the vaporiser with no one in the vicinity being immediately aware of what you are inhaling. Additionally, vaping cannabis actually results in its effects lasting up to two or three times longer than from smoking a traditional joint.

Edible Products

Some people prefer to consume cannabis as part of a food source. Space-cake or other cannabis-containing foods are called edibles. As an aside, they are frequently referred to as “medibles” when referring to them in a medical context. In the case of edible cannabis, the mood-enhancing effects can take longer to be felt, sometimes by up to an hour or two. And there are those who prefer this slow-burn effect. There are innumerable excellent recipes available both online and in recipe books. If you are new to it and unsure of which dose to start with, then begin with a “less-is-more” approach and gently increase the amount as required. A lot will depend on your own physiology and tolerance.

If you are looking for a psychoactive effect, then it’s essential to be aware that the preparation process must involve enough heat in order for THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinol acid) to be decarboxylated – the process which causes the compounds in cannabis to be activated. When non-psycho-active THC acid is heated, it turns into psycho-active THC. When vaping or smoking cannabis, the THC acid is automatically converted to its psycho-active THC component through the process of heating.

Issues with Edible Cannabis

When you use edible cannabis, a number of things can influence the speed at which it works. When you eat it on an empty stomach, it will be absorbed far more quickly. Conversely, if you partake in it post a hearty meal, then the edible cannabis will need far more time to get into your bloodstream and exert its effects. There are no hard and fast rules about precisely when you will begin to feel the impact, as issues such as your stomach’s pH level, whether your digestive system is full of food or not, circulation, the speed at which your individual digestive system works etc. can all play a role in its effects. Consequently, each person will have a different experience from it – not entirely dissimilar to alcohol; we all know people who appear far less affected than others after having the same amount to drink. Perhaps the downside, and greatest danger of edible cannabis, is the very easy possibility of consuming far too many products too quickly. It often occurs, with those new to it, that on feeling that the first dose had no effect quickly enough, that after half an hour they will eat more. And then more. It is pertinent to say that you need to be careful with edible cannabis, especially in the beginning when you don’t yet know what dose is right for you. In addition, if you do not live in a place where cannabis is legal, it can be difficult to determine the exact dose. Therefore, users often choose to make edible cannabis from a plant that they have produced themselves, from either self-flowering or feminized seeds.

 Pureeing Cannabis

There are also a growing number of cannabis fans who want to consume large amounts of cannabis without having to experience its mood-enhancing effect. Thus, they may feel its therapeutic benefits, but not – perhaps because they do not enjoy or desire it – its psycho-active ones. The best option for them, in this instance, would be to blend or puree fresh cannabis with a food processor, soup blender or juicer, and to use zero heat in the process. As a result, the THC acid will not be converted into the psycho-active form of THC. Juices or smoothies prepared in this way, often using several grams of cannabis alongside vegetables and fruits, can be enjoyably consumed, with no (or very little) THC entering the person’s bloodstream.

Topical Cannabis – Cream or Lotions

The use of cannabis oil or cannabis cream is often done in accordance with the so-called Pechoti method. This method is based on the principle of combining cannabis oil with a carrier oil (such as hemp oil) and soaking it into the skin through the navel. If you are otherwise unable to use cannabis, it’s useful to be aware that the navel is capable of absorbing cannabis.

Cannabis Oil Drops

Many people like to make cannabis concentrate, which is then used as a form of oral drops. Some like to extract alcohol from cannabis leaves or buds, and this tincture is then used by dropping some into the mouth, often under the tongue, for enhanced absorption. If you desire the tincture to have a psycho-active effect, then its preparation must include a step using heat to convert the THC acid to its psycho-active form.

Growing Cannabis Safely at Home

One of the many benefits of growing your own cannabis is that you get to decide which genetic composition you would like, which levels of THC and (as needed) CBD is right for your needs. You can harvest it at a time that fits around your own schedule, and you can tailor the maturing and drying process. When making cannabis-based products for your own consumption, you can have full control over their concentration and strength, and what will suit your needs.

As an aside, it is essential to point out the importance of making any tincture, cream or edible using cannabis that is free of any toxins, harmful chemicals or contaminants. There are always complaints about cannabis-containing products being unsafe, even in those places where it is actually legal. This is precisely why so many people decide to opt for at-home cultivation, irrespective of whether cannabis can be legally purchased where they reside, or not. If you do decide to grow it yourself, you can be safe in the knowledge that your own buds will not have been in any contact with dangerous chemicals, contaminants or insecticides etc.

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