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These days there are thousands of different companies producing cannabis products and, as with any other product in the world, no two companies are the same. When you shop for cannabis products you should know a bit about the major brands and what each brand produces, as this will help you find exactly what you are looking for.



The reason there are so many brands is that the industry has grown massively and is now huge, especially in the United States. It is thought that by 2030 it will be a $75 billion industry. While cannabis still has a Schedule 1 classification on the DEA’s Controlled Substances Act, it has been legalized in a number of states, resulting in this enormous industry.

One of the reasons for the surge in popularity is that people have found that cannabis is a fantastic substitute for alcohol. In states where cannabis laws have been relaxed, drinking rates have been steadily slowing. As more states relax their laws this trend is likely to continue, and more cannabis brands are sure to emerge.

As cannabis becomes more popular, brands inevitably start advertising and as usage becomes more socially acceptable, the national attitude to cannabis is beginning to change. For decades, people have been taught that cannabis is a bad plant, and that smoking it is entirely negative. However, as more beneficial effects are discovered, more research is carried out, and brand advertising becomes commonplace, this attitude is starting to change. It is now fairly common to hear discussions on the health benefits of cannabis, and its related products such as CBD oils, in a number of public forums, including the national press.

At present, the vast majority of cannabis brands are from companies that are dedicated either to the growing of cannabis, or to producing products from the plant. However, there are signs that this is also starting to change. A range of industries, including brewers, vegetable growers, and pharmaceuticals, are beginning to factor cannabis into their future plans. For example, Johnson & Johnson, one of the most famous drug companies in the world, and often associated with baby products, has signed a deal with two cannabis firms that will be starting work in the company’s labs to explore the development of medical cannabis products. In Canada, where cannabis is set to be legalized in the near future, Constellation Brands, the world’s third-largest beer manufacturer, is producing a line of cannabis-infused beers to start selling as soon as it is legalized. There are also brewers in the US producing cannabis-infused beers to sell in legal states.

One of the latest trends in cannabis consumption is micro-dosing and a number of cannabis brands are now creating products for just this. Micro-dosing simply means consuming a low-dose product throughout the day, that will allow you to feel the effects of cannabis, but still stay entirely functional. Micro-dosing products usually have no more than 5 milligrams of THC and they are hugely popular in states where cannabis is legal. Cannabis brands are capitalizing on the fact that people do not want to be completely out of it and a huge range of products are now available.

Obviously, some cannabis brands are bigger than others are, and as with any industry, it is the largest brands that are leading the technological innovations. Until recently, it was illegal to grow cannabis plants, except for in very special circumstances; as a result, there has not been a great deal of research done in to the best way to grow them. Now major cannabis brands are starting to fund research into precisely this, and are beginning to create “smart farms”. These smart farms make use of advance data analytics technology to monitor the factors needed to help the plants grow as best as possible. They monitor factors such as soil moisture levels and nutrients, and protect the plants against threats from insects and disease.

It is incredible just how quickly so many different cannabis brands have sprung up since the relaxation of laws a few years ago. People already have favorites, and there are some clear leaders that stand out from the crowd. Here you can find out a bit more about these different brands and the products that they are offering.

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